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Associate Family Program

Community Placement Coordinator
Sarah Weeks : (902) 629-4425 | [email protected]

Interested in a rich, rewarding experience … for the right individual(s), becoming an associate family to an adult with an intellectual disability can fill your life with joy.

We provide opportunities for individuals, families and/or couples to open their home to an adult with an intellectual disability to live together in a warm, home-like family atmosphere while enhancing community involvement and inclusion. Associate families agree to provide nurturing, supportive and safe environment for this person.

Compensation to Associate Families is established through the provinces Financial Assistance Program and the Accessability Support Program according to their eligibility and rates.

Our Community Placement Coordinators continue to monitor the individuals placed with Associate Families through follow-up visits, outreach and support. Monitoring is key to ensuring that questions and concerns are addressed during the transition to a positive, home-like environment.  

Do you know someone that may be interested? Please contact our Community Placement Coordinator, Sarah Weeks at (902) 629-4425.

“The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else.” – Carson McCullen, Author