Residential Programs

Stability, social and community involvement, a home to call their own … these are the aspirations of the individuals under our care and their families. The path may be different, but their hopes and dreams are the same as anyone’s and are within reach with the right support and assistance.

QCRS Inc.’s Residential Program offers a home and services designed to enrich the lives of adults, ages 18 and over, with intellectual disabilities. This program supports continued development and growth toward the achievement of a well-rounded lifestyle and integration into the community.

QCRS Inc.  Residential Program continues to expand to meet the growing need for supervised housing solutions.

  • QCRS Inc. offers small option homes, group homes and Life Bridge Housing complex.
  • We see each client as an individual person and we are dedicated to developing their interests and skills to their full potential.
  • Each individual’s decisions are respected and individual preferences are part of the planning of activities.
  • Clients are presented with a diverse selection of recreational and community involvement opportunities including shopping, hobbies, arts, employment and Special Olympics and more.
  • Family involvement is encouraged. We offer opportunities for individuals to develop and maintain relationships with their families, friends, and community members.

Please contact our Community Placement Coordinator Sarah Weeks at (902) 629-4425.

“Home is not where you live but where they understand you.” – Christian Morgenstern